VIDEO: Bishop T.D. Jakes hands over ministry to daughter

VIDEO: Bishop T.D. Jakes hands over ministry to daughter

After about 30 years at the helm of affairs, Bishop T. D. Jakes has handed over the Woman, Thou Art Loosed ministry to his daughter, Sarah Jakes Roberts.

In an emotional and powerful transfer of mantle during The Grand Finale conference at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, T.D. Jakes stunned Sarah with a surprise call-up to the stage as he anointed her in the presence of a cheering crowd.

As the revered preacher announced that the popular women’s conference was officially renamed to Woman Evolve, he told Sarah that she didn’t get the mantle just because his DNA runs through her, adding that it’s not a birthright but a divine assignment.

Sarah Jakes Roberts, when you walk onto this stage, you are walking into your destiny. After 30 years of Woman, Thou Art Loosed! and 45 years of preaching the Gospel, the time has come that I must decrease, and you must increase. This is not an inheritance; this is a calling.

“You are not standing on this stage for family legacy. This is not a favour, but a divine assignment that Woman, Thou Art Loosed! must evolve,” he said.

Reacting after the handover on social media, Bishop Jakes tweeted, “I couldn’t be prouder to share this moment with you,@SJakesRoberts. You have grown from my baby girl whose coat I put over into a powerhouse preacher. So, with great honour, I pass the torch of women’s empowerment to you! I decrease so that God will increase you forevermore.”

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