Vote in unity, Kaduna cleric urges electorates

Vote in unity, Kaduna cleric urges electorates

The former National Secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, Apostle Emmanuel Nuhu Kure, has called on the electorates in Kaduna State to vote in unity, survival and justice as the religions advocate in March 11 elections, adding, it would end unhealthy rivalry between the northern and southern Kaduna.

Kure expressed worries over fear and mistrust that have undermined the peaceful co-existence of people of the same faith and religions because of the governorship and House of Assembly elections.

While calling for peace during and after the March 11 elections, the cleric said “I passionately and desperately appeal to all citizens of Kaduna State as we approach the elections on Saturday to vote against that WALL that has sown enmity, distrust, fear, and very unhealthy and bloody rivalry between the northern and southern Kaduna, separated people of faith even from within same religions.”

He lamented that the last eight years have been hard on the citizens, saying that “unfortunately, the secret campaigns to the elections still carry the same messages of fear, lies, seeds of division, blackmails, inducements and strange promises of all sorts.

“I plead with my Muslim and Christian brothers, let’s vote with one voice to break that WALL and bring back the LOVE OF GOD to the state,” he appealed.

“Let’s start a healing season and process. Let’s not play politics of sentiments this Saturday, let’s vote for unity, survival, and justice for all as our Holy Books command and our religions advocate. That is if we still believe in God and the Holy Books. God will hold us religious leaders accountable for destroying this nation.”