Tweep calls out gospel artist for ticketing concert

The recent argument on micro blogging app, Twitter, centered on if gospel concerts should be ticketed like a secular concert, is still making rounds on the space.

A Twitter user identified as Sammie Saliu, had stirred the argument following a tweet he made questioning the idea of gospel ministers ‘charging’ the people to worship God.

His tweet reads; “You have a concert. A “Gospel Music” concert, and you’re charging people to worship God?
As if that’s not even problematic enough, you now have classifications for the audience. Table, VIP, and Normal. For a GOSPEL MUSIC CONCERT. How is this okay????”

The subject of discourse has since garnered varying reactions and positions.

Sammie added that “there’s no such thing as christian capitalism. If you’re going to commercialize things, you’re going to determine who receives that said thing based on purchasing ability.I refuse to keep shut while people turn God’s house to a den of thieves in the name of survival.”

Lead Pastor and founder, Celebration Church International, Pastor Emmanuel Iren, weighed in on the conversation by saying that Sammie’s question is one that must be answered with scriptures, but also with love and common sense.

Pastor Emmanuel went on to ask “Do you know how hard and expensive it is to promote songs that bless the body of Christ? Aren’t you being unintentionally inconsiderate to people who are not in it for money but just need support to project their gift?
In a world saturated with ungodly and provocative sounds, are we still talking about this? Instead of mobilizing around our own and sponsoring their voices to get louder?These are the issues to consider. ”

Read other reactions below:

Vocal Coach @kunle_kenny, tweeted, “@SammieSaliu I want you to critically analyse your stand on this issue. I read your tweet and I have a few questions.
1. Is your issue that the fee is too much or that there should be no gate fee at all?2. If it’s that the gate fee is too much, how much will be justifiable?”

Sammie responded to Kenny’s question; “Both. 1. If we’re defining terms, I’m completely okay with Christian entertainment programs being ticketed. Those aren’t ministry tools for edification, neither are they for the building of the church. It’s for capitalistic survival and profit mainly.”

@fvr_oljd also wrote; ”
“Who’s going to pay for the sound, equipment, venue, etc.” is a weird rebuttal shaWho paid for the mission trips the apostles made when ministering the gospel? Who paid to feed them and their companions?Who paid for the boat Jesus used to preach at sea? Did he charge people?”

Concurring with Sammie’s stance, @JohnOlonade 1 tweeted; “Well, I’d say that there are gospel music ministers whose reliance is solely on the God who called them. And there are gospel music entertainers (which is allowed) who would have to depend on the pockets of their audience. At the end, everyone will have their reward.”

Similarly, @josh_dammy expressed agreement with Sammie saying; “I support this argument of yours and I believe these worship concerts should be free if it is really for Christ Jesus. The church can sponsor these things; I mean, the church should. Personal donations can help also. All this gate fee to glorify God is funny.”