Traditionalists knock Tope Alabi for using ‘cultic’ word to sing

Traditionalists knock Tope Alabi for using ‘cultic’ word to sing

The Yoruba traditionalists have slammed the popular gospel singer Tope Alabi for using slang belonging to them.

Tope Alabi had in a viral video while ministering in church used their word ‘Aboru Aboye’ which was said to be a getting language among the adherents of traditionalists.

Many social media users had knocked the award-winning gospel musician for using such words in a church while others queried her spirituality.

@ Ccmoney why criticizing her said, “Why are people defending what they can’t? The greeting is limited to only the idol worshippers, most especially the Ogboni confraternity. Aboru Aboye; then the recipient would answer Aboye Bosise. If you’re still doubting this as a Yoruba person, please try to greet your parents by saying Aboru Aboye then come back to give me feedback

Also Olaxie who questioned her stance in Christianity said, “She’s not supposed to use that word but if you think she is right then why are we not saying ase in church instead of Amen??”