Catholic priest advises husbands to make their wives happy

Catholic priest advises husbands to make their wives happy

The Parish Priest of St Finberrs’ Catholic Church, Rayfield, Jos, Plateau State, Rev. Fr. Godfrey Gopep has called on husbands to make their wives happy both in words and in actions.

Gopep made the call during his sermon on Sunday in commemoration of the 2023 Mother’s Day of the Catholic Archdiocese of Jos, saying fathers should support and show kindness to their wives at all times.

The cleric expressed worries over declining rate of love, affection and care shown to mothers by husbands, noting that some women are dying in silence because their husband hardly show them love.

He then urged husbands to improve on the way they love and care for their spouses to ensure they are happy always and all ramifications.

”If we all agree that women are the pillars of our homes and even the society in general, then fathers must do more in making them enjoy their pride of place.

”Most women are dying silently because their husbands hardly show them love, care or make them happy.

”So, I want to call on fathers to be more responsible and go beyond wishing their wives happiness but making them happy in words and deeds.

”If husbands go beyond mere wish and begin to act, women will be happy and our homes will be peaceful at all times,”

The priest also admonished children to support and respect their mothers, saying that God instructed them to respect their parents so they could live long.

While charging wives to imbibe the virtues of good women, Gopep urged them to be submissive, humble and respect their husbands, as God instructed them to do.

”To you our mothers, I urge you to be mothers enough; you must be submissive to your husbands and be responsible at all times.

”Let us see you portraying yourself like the virtuous woman in the Bible; let others, particularly the younger women, have something good to emulate from you,” he advised.