Bandits burn Catholic priest to death in Niger


Reverend Father Isaac Achi of the Saint Peter and Paul Catholic Church was burned to death by bandits in an early-morning attack on Kafin Koro Community in the Paikoro Local Government Area of Niger State.

According to reports, the bandits broke into the neighborhood at around one in the morning and started shooting randomly as they made their way to the Rev. Father’s uphill residence.

Paul, a local resident, said that the bandits split into two groups. While some went to the Catholic priest’s official residence, the others stayed in the town and opened fire to ward off any potential interference.

Paul added that the robbers set fire to the building and waited until it burned to ashes with the late Achi inside it after they were unable to assess it for a prolonged period of time.

The Divisional Police Officer was allegedly contacted, but he was unable to reach Achi before he passed away.