US pastor laments use of ChatGPT to write sermons

US pastor laments use of ChatGPT to write sermons



A New York Rabbi, Joshua Franklin, has condemned the use of artificial intelligence content creating platform, ChatGPT, for preparing sermons.

According to US news, the cleric said only ‘lazy’, pastors would resort to the use of the AI platform to generate sermons which they want to deliver to religious adherents.

“ChatGPT might be really great at sounding intelligent, but the question is, can it be empathetic? And that, not yet at least, it can’t,” added Franklin. He said AI has yet to develop compassion and love, and is unable to build community and relationships,” he said.

Also, another Pastor, Rachael Keefe, of Living Table United Church of Christ in Minneapolis, stated, “While the facts are correct, there’s something deeper missing,” she wrote. “AI cannot understand community and inclusivity and how important these things are in creating church.”

Her position was shared by a New Testament scholar and managing editor of the Christian website Mockingbird, Todd Brewer, who said, “Yet the ChatGPT sermon “lacks any human warmth.

“The preaching of Artificial Intelligence can’t convincingly sympathize with the human plight.”he added.

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