What Tinubu must do to succeed -Ondo cleric

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What Tinubu must do to succeed – Ondo cleric

The President, of C&S Unification, Ondo State and founder of Success Gate C&S Christ’s Church International, Primate Ade Ademisokun-Turton has explained some things President Bola Ahmed Tinubu needs to do in order to succeed in rebuilding the nation.

The cleric made the explanation in Akure, the Ondo State capital, while speaking on the state of the country, saying, Tinubu shouldn’t forget Shagari who brought in those who are not politicians into his government to help him solve some problems.

Primate Ademisokun-Turton said Tinubu should acknowledge the fact that God brought him to that position for a particular purpose and the purpose must not be defeated, adding he should avoid politicians.

He said, “President Tinubu ought to have known now that God has an assignment for him and he should beware of politicians around who want to head certain ministries or another to harness wealth.

“Tinubu should not forget that people do not vote for him in Lagos State during the last election. You know his campaign was anchored on his achievements in Lagos State to become the president, but they didn’t vote for him in Lagos. Why?

“He became so overbearing in Lagos? They were lords in the state. Also, his dictatorial tendency should be addressed if he desires to succeed as Nigeria’s president.

“He should put favouritism apart. He should know by now that that was the reason why some people worked for him to put him into power.

“It is now left for him to decide whether to write his name in gold or go along with others. He must not forget what happened to Jonathan, the man who said he went to school without a shoe.

“He had the opportunity at that time whether his name should be written in gold or become a member of a ruling class. He eventually joined the ruling family.

“Tinubu should not join the ruling family and everything has to start with picking his ministers. Although the politicians will eventually become his ministers. But ideally, he shouldn’t have done that in all ramifications.

“He shouldn’t forget Shagari who brought in those who are not politicians into his government to help him solve some problems. He shouldn’t look at some of the past governors who have looted the treasury and helped him to get into power, now needed to be compensated. Compensation can come in another way.

“Ideally, people should not be compensated with a political office. He should reach out to the opposition. Those who are likely to be useful there should work with him. We are all Nigerians. As far as he wants to solve Nigeria’s problems, he should reach out to everybody that can assist him achieve that.