Vatican drops update on Pope Francis’ health

Vatican drops update on Pope Francis' health


By Christian George

Pope Francis’ health is said to be positively improving since he was hospitalized over respiratory challenges.

According to a report by The Christian Post, the 86-year-old Francis was hospitalized Wednesday with a respiratory infection.

He was taken to the Gemelli Hospital in Rome for treatment expected to last a few days.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Vatican Priest said to rested well overnight and his condition was gradually improving.

The Holy See spokesperson Matteo Bruni said that Francis’ “clinical picture is progressively improving and he is continuing with his planned treatment.”

He explained that the Pope was complaining of having respiratory challenges which called for immediate medical attention.

“The outcome of these [tests] showed a respiratory infection (excluding Covid-19 infection) that will require a few days of appropriate hospital medical therapy,” Bruni said.

The source added that Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio, took to his official Twitter account Thursday to convey his appreciation for the many prayers he received regarding his condition.

“I am touched by the many messages received in these hours and I express my gratitude for the closeness and prayer,” he tweeted.