Sultan’s JNI demands prosecution of Yobe cleric’s murders

Sultan's JNI demands prosecution of Yobe cleric's murders
JNI Sec-Gen, Abubakar-Aliyu

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar-led Jama’atul Nasril Islam has demanded the prosecution of those involved in the murder of Sheikh Muhammad Aisami.

This was disclosed in a signed statement by the JNI’s Secretary-General, Dr. Khalid Abubakar-Aliyu, in Kaduna, on Tuesday.

Reports revealed that two soldiers attached to the Nigerian Army 241 Recce Battalion Nguru, Yobe State, Corporal John Gabriel and Adamu Gideon, were arrested by the police on August 19 in connection with the murder of the cleric.

The Muslim body urged the Federal Government and the authority of the Nigerian Army to hasten the prosecution of the perpetrators, adding that the murder of the cleric must not be taken lightly, According to The Punch.

The sultan reveal that a similar incident occurred in 2018 where Major Gen. Idris Alkali was brutally killed by the Birom ethnic group of Du Community a Christain community in Plateau and his remains were thrown into a pond, however, the perpetrators were never punished.

“Same with the Rukuba Road carnage which resulted in the massacre of about 22 innocent, defenceless Muslims returning from Bauchi State on their way to Ikare, Ondo State en route Jos, in addition to series of such brutalities and impunities against innocent Muslims.

“Yet, the Nigerian Muslims have repeatedly remained patient, despite series of lies, hate campaigns and even outright provocations,” he added.

According to the statement, the gruesome killing of Sheikh Aisami clearly demonstrates that crime has permeated all fabrics of Nigerian society and to some extent even security agencies.

“The JNI received with utmost shock the reported assassination of Sheikh Aisami and theft of his car. To say the least, the Sheikh’s murder was dastardly, reprehensible, and stands condemned, given the kind-hearted nature of the Sheikh, who in his own volition offered the assailants a ride in the same car.

“Surprisingly, both John Gabriel and Adamu Gideon resolved to rob him of his car. Yet, the Muslim Ummah did not in any way declare that it was an attack by Christian terrorists in military garb. Indubitably, if this had happened to a Christian clergy, CAN would have been on top of their voices that Muslim terrorists have killed a Pastor or Reverend and the media would also have been awashed with such information.

“We, nevertheless, call on the Federal Government of Nigeria and the leadership of the Nigerian Army to as a matter of fairness and justice, hasten the prosecution of the culprits responsible for Sheikh Aisami’s death, and execute the judgement, for the Judgement must not only to be done but should be seen as done, same should apply to all similar cases in the country. Perhaps, it may serve as a deterrent against many bad eggs within the system.

“These repeated tragedies should not be swept under carpet; as we have a firm conviction that these unwarranted killings are usually well thought-out. As we have always said, no life, we repeat no life is worth taken except as stipulated by law,” it added.