Reactions as Cameroon church holds funeral for Queen Elizabeth

Social media users have continued to react to a viral video of a Cameroon church that organized a procession in honour of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

The body of the late monarch was on Monday lowered into a vault at Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom.

In a viral video which was obtained by The PUNCH, the yet-to-be-identified Church and its members were seen marching with a large banner with the late Queen’s picture and some drummers and trumpeters singing.

Here are some reactions

@FrancisOrobi tweeted “Who asked them?”

@Raji tweeted,”Africa na mumu😂🤣😅”

@Cybalpal_ng tweeted, “They missed being slaves or what?”

@MisterBean tweeted, “Sense is scarce in Africa. Self worth is is scarcer….”

@Leo_mauf tweeted, “Brainwashed religious bigots”

@Olamide tweeted,”So nay every country dey do their own burial for queen Elizabeth 😂”

@HApostleTim tweeted, “Las las, we go get sense”

@Esemelondi tweeted,” Africans nah wah 😩 sha. I give up”

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