Pilgrimage: Adamawa participants must come from grassroots, says NCPC

National Christian Pilgrims Commission

Bisola David



The National Christian Pilgrims Commission on Tuesday, February 7 has said that the 150 pilgrims includes at least five members of the general public from each of the state’s 21 local government districts and some officials.


DAILY POST reported that the screening of Christian’s from Adamawa state who pln to make the pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan will be conducted by NCPC.


The pilgrims have received state-level approval for the exercise, but NCPC authorities must do the final screening before the pilgrims are fully prepared.


The executive secretary of the Adamawa State Christian Pilgrim Welfare Board, Rev. Love Zidon, revealed this. He also said that the NCPC will provide a date for the pilgrims from Adamawa to depart for the holy places following their screening.


At a news conference held at his Yola office, Rev. Zidon Love stated, “We have completed the documents to our level. On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, the NCPC will come here to make sure that all documents are in order.


According to Zidon “The administration has made arrangements for about 150 people to travel, but not in the normal usual manner. The state government stipulated that the pilgrims must originate locally. The list of persons who must go is being created by the local government chairmen.


He claimed that those chosen on the present pilgrimage were chosen so as to include both prominent figures and common people.


“We’ve taken all necessary steps to ensure that the people of Adamawa take part in the current Nigerian pilgrimage to the Holy Lands.