Insurgency: Change tactics, Anglican faithful tell military

Anglican faithful of the Diocese of Lagos Mainland have urged government at all levels to implement people-friendly policies that will bring relief to the citizenry, cut waste in public spending, grow the economy and create jobs.

Calling for an end to corruption, the Anglican faithful decried the growing corruption in public life and lack of political will to punish culprits and re-fashion a culture of honest labour and diligent service as pathways to national greatness.

They also called for an end to the nation’s continued dependence on imported fuel despite huge annual provisions for repairing and maintaining our oil refineries.

According to a statement made available to journalists on Monday, the calls were part of the communiqué issued at the end of the diocese’s synod.

Condemning the recent ethno-religious killings in Sokoto and Anambra states, the faithful called for religious tolerance, while urging Christians and Muslims to intensify their teachings on the need for peace and hold their members liable for any breach of the same.

On insecurity, they called on the Federal Government to rejig its security apparatus to make it serve the purpose of protecting the lives and properties of the citizens.

The statement read in part, “The military hierarchy needs to change their tactics and be politically liberated to meaningfully prosecute the war against renegade elements terrorising the citizenry, especially in the North-East and North-West regions.”

The synod represents a periodic coming together of Christians to discuss issues of interest to the church and society.

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