Cleric tasks Christians on evangelism to the downtrodden

The lead pastor of House of Worship, Abuja, Scambo Morisson, has tasked Christians on evangelism to the downtrodden in the society.

The pastor made the call during his sermon on evangelism on Sunday in Abuja.

He said Christians were mandated by God to spread the gospel to bring people to the kingdom of God and make an impact in society.

The cleric said evangelism was necessary, especially as Christians were living in perilous times, and needed to follow instructions of God more than ever.

He urged Christians not to discriminate against weak converts and believers in the faith or those experiencing challenging phases in their life, but they should be encouraged to wait and walk in the path of God.

“You will see rascals, I want to assure you that the ark has enough space to be occupied by them. Do not be too quick to condemn them, how you handle and help them matters.

“Do whatever you can to reach out to somebody. Do not be disappointed if people come with all sorts of behaviours but be disappointed in your lack of patience with them,” he said.

He said believers would give an account of their works for the expansion of God’s kingdom while urging the congregation to strive on growing as mature Christians and supporting others to do the same.

Morrison urged Christians not to give up on life no matter their current challenges, saying “God is our present help in times of our needs, what you think is going to kill you, maybe something you will benefit from.”