Asbury varsity rejects press coverage of revival

Asbury varsity rejects press coverage of revival


The management of Asbury University in Kentucky, United States of America, has rejected a move by Fox News host Tucker Carlson to visit the university’s campus.

This was disclosed by Tucker, who said he wrote to the varsity’s management to cover the revival among its student which has been going on for days.

Religion Nigeria reported that the student led revival which started on the 8th of February, 2023, is now in its day 14.

Carlson added that when he interviewed student body president Alison Perfater about the Christian service earlier this week, they wanted to know more about it.

He said, “After the show, we found ourselves still thinking about it,” Carlson explained. “We didn’t fully understand what was happening at Asbury, and we don’t really understand it now.

“We’re not really sure anyone does understand it. But whatever is going on seemed wonderful. It seemed like the sort of thing we badly need more of.

“So we started making plans to go to Kentucky…to see the service for ourselves, and then this morning a remarkable thing happened.

“We got a call from Asbury University asking us not to come.

“It’s not personal, they said. They like our show, but the ongoing service at Asbury is purely spiritual. It’s got nothing to do with politics or business. No one there is making money from it or planning a run for office.

“It’s mostly just young people worshipping God. Young people finding meaning and answers in a country that increasingly doesn’t offer much of either. It’s not really a place for TV cameras.

“And we understood that. In fact, we deeply respected it.

“When you work in television you run into a lot of people that want publicity. You almost never meet anyone that doesn’t want publicity. And when you do meet people who don’t want publicity, they’re either doing something wrong or, in the rarest of all cases, they’re doing something right – something so right and so beautiful and so true that media coverage can’t enhance it. It can only detract from it. We think that’s what’s happening at Asbury University.

“God bless them for turning us down,” he added.